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Our Residences

Our semi-independent homes are ordinary domestic houses; they do not stand out as being different from other houses in the area.

Our accommodation for young people offers a structured, supportive and nurturing environment where they have the opportunity to reflect on their past, come to terms with their current situation and make positive plans for their future.

They are ideally located; close to shops, schools, doctors and dentist practices, together with a large range of local services for young people with numerous opportunities for leisure activities. In addition, our homes are located in areas with excellent road and public transport links with main line railway stations nearby.

From the inside, they are comfortably furnished to create a warm homely feel and have private meeting rooms where young people can meet with their parents and professionals.

Young people are encouraged to personalise their rooms when they move in so as to make them their own and to have friends and family visit them where this is appropriate.

At Shepherds Gate we understand residents can sometimes feel the void of not having a family structure especially when it comes to meal times. To encourage bonding, we provide a Sunday lunch for our all residents so not only do our homes look warm we also make sure this warmth is felt. 

View our residence:

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