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At Shepherds Gate the views of residents are considered extremely important and very much valued. This approach is important in creating the sense of ownership and responsibility we encourage in the young person’s life.

We embrace the principle of partnership in accordance with the Children Act 1989. The principle of partnership in practice involves communication and consultation and is implemented in practice via the following forums:


Consulting young people via key-working sessions about matters such as:

  • Decor and furnishings of the home, including their bedrooms

  • Recreational, sporting and cultural activities

  • Birthday and Christmas presents

  • Educational and careers matters e.g. choice of projects/exams, and choice of college/training provider

  • Involvement, when applicable, in staff selection processes

  • Where appropriate, choice of key worker

  • All health matters.

These are only examples and not an exhaustive list. Other means of consultation include:

  • Regular house meetings

  • Six-monthly anonymous feedback questionnaires

  • Consulting parents (if age appropriate) and social workers

  • Upon referral, the young person’s views, preferences and beliefs with regard to their religious and cultural persuasion.

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